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Growing the planets garden –


What if we can create an alternative. What if humans would embrace the idea of changing the way things are done, one day at a time?  What if we could establish a community of lovers of life – that shared a passion?  What if that passion was to wear comfortable clothes, live in breathable homes and use kind products on our children and ourselves?


I propose to find the segment of our community that shares this “What if?”. Through mindful production, manufacture, retail and delivery systems we can begin to change the way we look at the clothes, homes and products we wear, live in and use. Beginning at retailing and delivery, I suggest we manufacture and sell clothes that fit and wear well, that are kind to the planet and are value for money.  In delivering these products to the market, I intend to find a way of socialist commerce that enables profit sharing and collective ownership.


Further on, we can control the way the soil is managed and cared for, the communities it affects can grow and prosper and children can benefit from growing up with better care and a community that is mutually benefitted from the collective endeavours.


TheHempStation Project encompasses the growing, milling, manufacture and sales of all things Hemp.  Originally, the Project will focus on clothing made from Hemp and thereafter branch into all goods and services to do with Hemp so that Hemp cultivation is a primary source of income and the welfare of all stakeholders is cared for in the supply chain; to the sales of all goods that can benefit the planet that are hempish.


The primary focus is in establishing practices and philosophies that care for the planet and those who roam Her.  Through bring life to the soil, the Villages, the Company will be a socialist profitable mindful society.  Can it be done?



Kadampa Life

too much to do todayWhen we feel overwhelmed with busyness it is usually because all our activities are bleeding into each other. With thoughts of impermanence, they don’t. We can focus on the here and now. We have walls up (as described in this last article). We can still plan — put the things we need to do in a Google calendar or excel spreadsheet or regular to-do list — but then we don’t need to think much about it again until we need to do it. Tomorrow is plenty of time to take care of tomorrow’s business. We’ll have all day tomorrow to focus on tomorrow’s problems. We can be more like Charlie Brown:

I’ve developed a new philosophy… I only dread one day at a time.

So in the interactions we have today, we bring as much love and kindness into them as we can. We try to keep our mind…

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